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*CLOSEOUT* Crushed Green Emerald Powder (Grade B) from India, 2 Ounces, Fine Crush, Powder Size <0.25mm

*CLOSEOUT* Crushed Green Emerald Powder (Grade B) from India, 2 Ounces, Fine Crush, Powder Size <0.25mm

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Our "Closeout Corner" consists of leftover material from our regular stock that has some imperfections. This is due to natural factors such as: color variations, the presence of host rock, the presence of other auxiliary minerals, and/or staining due to natural weathering processes. Closeout crushed material is offered at a discount price and is a great option for makers who prefer a more rustic look with natural variation. 

***Closeout deals are not a part of our regular stock. These deals are limited quantity while supplies last.***


Emerald is a type of green beryl and is considered to be a precious stone (the other precious stones are diamond, ruby, and sapphire). This crushed emerald is B quality and is mixed with browns (weathering and hostrock) with minor amounts of quartz. 


Our powdered material consists of mostly silt and clay sized particles (<0.25mm). Our powders do have a slight grit to them. This size is great for small cracks or voids, memorial and resin jewelry, textured paints and pigments, orgonite pyramids, ring inlay, resin molds, bezel cups, resin art, and metaphysical projects. This material is also a great gift for makers looking for unique supplies. 


  • Mohs’s Hardness: 7.5
  • Specific Gravity (g/cm3): 2.67 - 2.9
  • Luster: Vitreous
  • Color: Light Green
  • Origin: India


This product is not man-made, mixed with resin, dyed, or stabilized. Pictures are taken in full sun and stone is dry. Size measurements are using the metric system (millimeters), including the metric ruler (cm/mm) as shown in the product photos.

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